December 2015

Seigen Ono recorded Marek’s March performance in Tokyo. Mr. Ono is a pioneer recording engineer in the use of Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology. DSD samples at a rate of 5.6mHz– much closer to analog recording. In other words, the sound wave has 100 times more information as compared to a regular CD, which relies on 44kHz sampling rate.

Mr. Ono has recorded Japanese musician/composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, an Academy Award winner for his score to the film The Last Emperor. Mr. Ono has also been involved in live audio streaming concerts of the Berlin Philharmoniker and Royal Concertogebouw Orchestra among others, using the DSD technology.

About DSD and Mr. Ono:

Click here to listen to Marek’s Tokyo recital performances (in 96kHz resolution, no equipment necessary):

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