May 2015

The reviews of Marek’s performance in Tokyo are published in three prominent classical music magazines in Japan: “Ongaku no Tomo  (Music’s Friends),” “Ongaku Gendai (Music Modern Times)” and “Sarasate.”
Excerpts from reviews on Marek’s March concert in Tokyo:

Szpakiewicz’s abundant technique and his solid sense of stability were prominent. His original interpretation that he drew scenery deliberately by pursuing each note with his devoted soul, resulted in artistic loftiness.

Szpakiewicz’s dense expression of delivering music as life, along with his own messages, was impressive.

From “Ongaku no Tomo (Music’s Friends)” by Yudai Majima

Szpakiewicz’s performance with a great balance of technique, sensibility and intellect, which indicated that he is already a first-rate artist. [Among the program,] his Shostakovich performance was the most outstanding. Szpakiewicz captured the composer’s sentiment in every moment.

From “Ongaku Gendai (Music Modern Times)” by Ichiro Kudo

He is one of the rare performers who internalizes a profound musical world within.
Szpakiewicz’s arrangement [of Dvořák’s “Slavonic Dance in E minor, Op. 72-2”] appealed to the audience with its simplicity and sound, which brilliantly fit the cello.

His performance of the Chopin Sonata conveyed deep emotion, not just being beautiful, through his profound insights into and empathy toward the piece.

As for Shostakovich, deep sorrow and intensity, not easily swayed by sentiment, came through from his music.

From “Sarasate” by Amane Ito
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